The most essential accessories in the garage

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Posted: 2/22/2021
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We would like to describe the assembly tool group in more detail. This name refers to attachments, drives and various auxiliary elements that are required to loosen or tighten conventional fasteners. An actuator is a handle which is used to generate force on the implement. The attachment is an additional element which is the carrier of the profile for the work. As for the profile, it is a set of different surfaces, the purpose of which is to transmit the force from the tool itself to the threaded part for the fastener. Additional accessories are various adapters, extensions, etc., which allows the tool to be designed for a specific operation.

A bit more detail should be said about actuators, because their variety, together with a variety of accessories for work with nozzles allows you to perform work quickly and efficiently. Drives are available as follows:

With T-handle. The most popular and universal type.
With screwdriver handle.
Crank-type. Handy, can speed up work process, but requires additional space.
Swivel. Used when there is difficult access to the fixture from one side.
With angled handle. Handy when a lot of force is required.
With universal handle. Generally used in conjunction with sliding head, swivel and reverse ratchet.