The cost of CBD

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Dr Weedy

Posted: 6/29/2020
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Today, in the US market, you can buy CBD in the form of oil at a price of 50-100 dollars per liquid ounce. What is the reason for such an undemocratic pricing policy? Experts note the following factors that affect the price of the product:

High demand with limited supply in the market. Due to the fact that cannabis has long been illegal in the United States, the legal industry did not have time to develop to the extent that would allow meeting the existing demand.
No recommendations from the Ministry of agriculture on growing cannabis. Unresolved procedural issues slow down the development of the industry.
Features of CBD extraction technology from marijuana. To date, it is the process of extracting CBD from the raw mass that is the weakest link in the entire production chain.
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James Franko

Posted: 7/2/2020
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Hello! Finding quality CBD products is not so easy. I have come across scammers more than once and communicating with them was not very pleasant. But what to do, the world of the Internet cannot be perfect. Not so long ago I found an excellent site on which you can read the effect of different CBD products.