How do you get a job as UX researcher without previous experience?

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Posted: 6/24/2020
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Hi, I just found out about the field of user experience and it seems something that I want to do and know more about.

Originally, I was a pre-med and graduated college as a pre-med, but while taking graduate courses (not medical school) I decided that medicine wasn't something that I think I can handle or was very passionate about.

I graduated with a Cognitive Science and Biology major and worked in a lab where we survey students about spiritual questions and tried to analyze them.

I basically have no experience as a UX researcher, but I just want to start somewhere and may be get an internship or something. Anyone knowledgeable know where I can start or what I should do to get hired?
Kenneth Gauthier

Posted: 7/8/2020
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Well...a UX researcher conducts a systematic investigation of users and their requirements for the goods and services. Building a product isn’t just about how it looks. Apart from offering a great experience, it has to be useful. I would recommend the UX research from Pixetic company, it’s helped me a lot.