Which web hosting site is best for security?

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Posted: 1/24/2020
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Hi guys,

I run a pop culture website as a hobby, running on Wordpress. I was originally on a shared hosting provider (JustHost, I think), but the site has grown to get around 250,000 unique visits per month, so that stopped cutting it. I am currently on a dedicated server that allows me the space I need, but any spike in traffic more than say, 300 visitors on the site at one time crashes the server.

I have looked into solutions like DreamHost' Dreampress or WP-Engine, but their plans are much too small. My website is currently over 100GB, and will obviously only grow, and many of their plans max out at 50-80. I actually tried to migrate to Dreamhost and while they tried, they said they had never attempted any site this big and they eventually gave up.

Dedicated servers don't seem to be the way to go. They don't handle spikes in traffic very well, and I would much rather go to some kind of a cloud solution that can expand resources as necessary. It seems whenever the server experiences a high load, like if a link blows up on Twitter or Reddit or something and the server just can't handle the spike in bandwidth, multiple database tables crash and I and the server team have to spend several hours diagnosing what happened and how to fix it. It is very frustrating and I would much rather focus on making the website better and growing the audience than praying the server stays up every time I go to sleep.

I currently spend almost $300 a month on the dedicated server. The ad revenue from the site covers this cost, but barely. I would love to start throwing more money into advertising to grow the site more, but I feel handcuffed because 1) I'm spending almost 100% of my revenue every month on covering the server, and 2) if the viewership grows any more the server will just keep crashing.

The website has been up since 2011 and deals with a lot of images from press materials given to us by publishers, so like I said, the footprint is quite large and will only continue to get bigger.

I've looked into AWS before, but I have to be honest, I am a front-end, HTML/CSS/JS guy and my eyes glaze over whenever I try to figure out how to set something like that up. If it's truly the best solution I will learn how to do it, but I don't want to put all this work into something that turns out more expensive or less ideal anyway.

What is the best solution to support a website like this, and how much should I be paying?

Posted: 1/24/2020
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Peter Joseph

Posted: 5/15/2020
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I think better will be to ask developers.
Henry Mozes

Posted: 5/16/2020
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Quote Peter Joseph:

I think better will be to ask developers.

Hello! I agree with you. I even can say that if you don't have enough experience in web dev, better will be to delegate all this work to professional developers. For example guys from Dteam company provide all modern web development services and technologies, here you can find more details https://dteam.dev/