Wordpress Not Updating

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Posted: 7/3/2019
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I find that my Wordpress sites on Gator won't update. Says I'm using an outdated version of PHP. So I went into the control panel and advanced the PHP to the latest stable 5.6 version to get the thing to update.

I did this on a site yesterday and the page kept saying that I was using an outdated PHP and wouldn't upgrade. So I contacted support and got prolly the only one out of 50 who could fix it. He went into the htacess file and found a line of code telling it to use the old version of PHP. He changed it (magic to me!) and POOM....the site would update to the latest version of Wordpress.

Putting this here for you, if you are having similar problems. Have support go into the htaccess file (whatever that is) and find that line of code and change it. Then you are back in biz!

Posted: 7/4/2019
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latest version WP need to have php 7.3 or greater.
If your hosting can not up to php 7, site can not run.
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