Need A help to implement sitelink search box for eCommerce Site

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Alisha Hessle

Posted: 7/8/2018
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Hello Guys,

I have mostly heard about the sitelink search box which is visible on the google search. I have seen many e-commerce website like filpkart, amazon, cartrade & many more having this feature. So, I want to have that on my website. I have made many tries, but I failed. Can you please tell me by seeing my website, that any modification I need to make on my website . If no then please let me know there are any successful wordpress plugin for sitelink search box via which I can install it on my website too.
Please help me out with this issue.

Thanks in advance
The website I need help:

Posted: 9/21/2018
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I need such a help too, thank you in advance!

Posted: 9/21/2018
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Thank you for the thread! I have a lot of question regarding eCommerce too, and I would like to get some tips on it. I have found some nice articles on which are cool indeed. Maybe you will like them too, check those out