Responsive mode changing font size for tablet

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Posted: 6/5/2018
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Hello everyone,

Im using the different views in artisteer to change stuff for the several devices. However.. some things just wont stick.

In example.. I would like the topmenu fontsize in desktopmodus to be 18px. But in tablet horizontalmodus i would like them to be 14px. But when i change this and save.. and then move back to the desktop view... the size of the font in the topmenu is also 14px.
I just dont understand how i can get it to become different.

Same with body/page width. In desktop id like it to be 80% or so. But in tablet it can easily be the full 100%. I really dont want to manually look up all the classes and make a custom style. Shouldt this be possible with artisteer 4? Where am i going wrong. Its been bugging me for ages.