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Posted: 5/9/2018
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ICQ: 681473773
Skype Name : cardseller141
Gmail : cardseller141@gmail.com

*DO W. U T.ranSFER*
T.ransfer: US,AU,EU,UK,CA,Fr,Ita,Gm and Asia-African
This is list price:(mini$1000-max$5000)
1:you pay $120>you cash out $1000
2:you pay $220>you cash out $2000
3:you pay $320>you cash out $3000
4:you pay $420>you cash out $4000
5:you pay $500>you cash out $5000

*Business Principles*
I T,RANSFER MONEY TO Your Address First
Then i Send you proof . BUT HIDED MC.TN
When you get proof,you to make payment fee.
Later 1min I give MC.TN For you cash out.
Note : With a information , Maximum you can cash out are 1>3times
then WU will blacklist your information
Want to continue,you have to find another information
My information has been WU blacklist , I can not use with WU
That's why I want business with You
surely 100% safe and you cash out money . Simply WU just blacklist your information
Your infomation cant use with W,U , no more

1 You Cash out $1000 = $100 you pay
5 you cash out $6000 = $600 you pay

*List CC i have and price i have *
-US (Visa,Master) = $10
-UK (Visa,Master) = $15
-CA (Visa,Master) = $12
-AU (Visa,Master) = $10
-EU (Visa,Master) = $15
-Asias ( Visa,Master = 15$
-Africa ( Visa,Master = $10
* FULL *
-US full(Visa,Master) = 20$
-UK full(Visa,Master) = 30$
-EU full(Visa,Master) = 30$
I would change if the product is not good(free)
ICQ: 681473773
Skype Name : cardseller141
Gmail : cardseller141@gmail.com