Oh My God! What is THEMLER?

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In Shock

Posted: 2/14/2018
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After 3 hours of finally trying to see what it is I can tell you this, it does not work, is the worst thought out thing I've ever tried to use, it crashes, it is very buggy...and there is virtually no support...or they are almost abusive. Artisteer needs to be developed still...by someone that cares...and speaks English. There is still a market for something that works and does what I tell it to do, not what it wants to. It would take weeks just to get all of the defaults set right...nobody who knows anything has touched it...and don't look at the source code or you want to hurt someone. I could never use this for a client if he knew how to find me! It is really that bad. Just use the default WP theme and put in a drag and drop builder plugin if you want it to tell your child how to make a site. Otherwise use Artisteer or just buy some third world, Romanian built theme from the dark web. :-<