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Posted: 1/21/2018
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Can I use a single license on more than one computer?
A single Artisteer license can be used only on a single desktop computer (PC) OR a single laptop computer. An additional installation is allowed on a laptop for use during travel, and cannot be used at a separate permanent location or by a different person than the registered desktop user.

=> When I would like to use Artisteer on my laptop during travel, am I allowed do enter the same license key as on the desktop computer?
I don't want my license to get blocked because of installing Artisteer twice...

Posted: 1/28/2018
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Quick answer: Yes, you actively install Artisteer on 2 computers with the same license key, knowing that, that is the limit. Later on if you get a new computer, you will need to deactivate one of the previous installations to activate it on the new computer. Bottom line, you can have up to 2 active installations at a time with 1 license key. Artisteer is STILL the best template/theme generator software - period. It has it limitations and minor issues, which one can resolve them easily by either knowing how to set the templates correctly in Artisteer, or manually after you export the code. One big issue that I have about how it is marketed though, this product is not for the complete newbies. One needs to have some web design knowledge to fully take advantage of the product. It is also the only product in the market that lets you create your own export plugin, to customize the code exactly the way you want to, thus allowing you to create plugin to export templates/themes to be used for any cms, or improve the code for existing supported cms. I can't stress enough how important is this particular feature !!!