How do I copy info box for an override

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Posted: 5/22/2017
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I've been trying to get help with this. So in summary, I added a tagged blog layout, the problem is, it's formatted different since it's not part of artisteer/themler (and I don't know how you would implement it through the program??). The template I'm working with was from Artisteer, because I haven't been able to get it to import right into Themler.

What i want to do is copy the style of the info block in category blog layout, so in the new tagged blog layout it will show the published date and authory. The problem is I don't know for sure where to pull this from and what part to take.

I think I need this file:

there is also a file in there that I assume came from artisteer, art_blog.php, but I don't know what to do with it.

the file I have now taggedblogged_items.php - do I paste the code there? copy a file to the folder?

I'm hoping someone can help me as the official joomla forum has not even suggested where to go.

For visuals the top pic is what the category blog looks like that I'm trying to copy and the bottom is what the tagged blog looks like that I want to change. I don't think the photo attached right but there is the address.