Conflict with WooCommerce Upgrade and Display of Pricing on Product Page

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Natalie Marquis

Posted: 5/15/2017
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The recent major upgrade of woocommerce seems to be conflicting with the Artiseer Wordpress theme. On the product page, a deposit price range is showing up under the title (prior to a fix by birchpress, the deposit price range had REPLACED the product title, which is confusing to the customer). Ex.

In addition the deposit pricing and/or full pricing is no longer visible above the "add to the cart" button or in the shopping cart, and therefore online purchases can no longer being processed.

When I change to a default Wordpress theme, the deposit pricing once again appears above the "add to the cart button."

I tried create NEW artisteer theme (Gateway16) and activated that, but the same problem occurs.

This leads me to believe the issue with the Artisteer generated theme.

Any suggestions on how to fix?

Posted: 5/15/2017
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Artisteer hasn't been updated in years and it never will be. There is no fix.

It breaks with WooCommerce 3 and it'll eventually break with future versions of Wordpress. It's time to move on and use something else to make sites.