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Posted: 3/4/2017
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Is there a way to add a Top Menu?

I have the main horizontal menu - but anyway for adding a top menu between the header and main nav?

Posted: 3/12/2017
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This is what I do for a second menu for WordPress: You can have more than 2 menus btw...

1. In Artisteer, in the header create a position, label it and size it accordingly. This position is going to show up as a Widget Area, with the name you gave it in Artisteer.

2. Install the free (or premium) version of Max Mega Menu.

Follow the plugins instructions to create you menus. Even if your theme does not have declared the additional menus, the plugin can do that fr you. Once setup, you can have regular menus, or mega menus, with widgeted areas.

The was I prepare my themes after exporting from Artisteer, I declare the additional menu, and have the php code to style it accordingly as well. So, now if the theme is installed on a new site, I don't have to use the Max Mega Menu to do those 2 things. There is some learning curve, but it's not too bad. In 30 minutes or so, you will become a pro at it... good luck!