Header "blinks" with every page transition

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Davy Right Click

Posted: 1/17/2017
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Header "blinks" page to page and header graphic moves
Description Using wordpress, you can see the site here: http://connectandengage.com

I have responsive header graphics set up for each view.

If I put a facebook command thing on the phone page, it shows up for a microsecond on the desktop site and there is no way to "send to back".

Also, as you go page to page, the header kind of "blinks" and the graphic seems to move out of place then back in again.

In every view other than desktop and tablet portrait, I have the header graphic sent to back, and the Desktop header is in front.
This resolved the issue of all of the different header graphics showing up for a split second when the pages loaded.

I have searched the forums for this, guess I'm not using the right terms because I'm sure someone else has had this issue.
Can anyone point me to what is going wrong?