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Posted: 11/11/2016
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I'v designed a template in Artisteer 4.2 and I want to import it on Joomla 3.6.
Evertyhing (for example header, slider and footer) is working fine, only not the content part.
It seems likte the content isn't in the tempate, but I'm sure it is. Also the "import content from Template" option in Joomla doesn't solve my problem.

Anyone an idea what to do? Is more information needed to help me?

Thnanx in advance,


Doug Evans

Posted: 12/2/2016
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I too, cannot import content from my template. This has happened several times with several updates. Off to support I go!

Posted: 12/8/2016
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Artister is Dead. :-(
Good price, easy to use. Plus it gets updated...
Cate Murray

Posted: 5/4/2017
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I had the same problem.
I created the template again from scratch and it worked.