Joomla 3.6.2 problem with print icon on articles and blogs

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Posted: 9/13/2016
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I have had problems with no print icon. The print email and other links work, but when I select icons I get them all but the print icon.
I traced the issue to a change in joomla to include the article title as a mouse-over of the print link/icon.
Eventually I found a fix, the problem was a preg_match used to add the print icon image. This had become broken becasue of the extra title="Print article < Your Article Title >" inside the pop-up code.
The fix I used was to find the string <a[^>]*>(.*?)<\/a> used in preg_match in the file /library/Artx/Content/SingleArticle.php about line 94 and also in file /library/Artx/Content/item.php around line 67. Replace it with this new string <a[^>]*>[^>]*>(.*?)<\/a>
This fixes the error and I get the print icon back.
There may be better fixes but this worked for me.

Posted: 9/15/2016
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I have the same problem - no print icon is visible. I tried your solution, but without success. Is there an other solution?


Posted: 9/18/2016
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I tried the changes shown, and my Print icons were restored with Joomla 3.6.2. Thanks.

However, with this change, when logged in as a Publisher or Administrator, I no longer see the Edit icon used for editing an article.

Any suggestions?

Posted: 9/19/2016
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For Mike:
I applied this trick to test if a user is looged or not.
In file /library/Artx/Content/item.php replace line 67 with:

if (JFactory::getUser()->id != 0) {
preg_match('/<a[^>]*>(.*?)<\/a>/', $text, $matches);
} else {
preg_match('/<a[^>]*>[^>]*>(.*?)<\/a>/', $text, $matches);


Posted: 9/26/2016
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Artisteer need to update form
JOOMLA 3.6.2


Norman Berger

Posted: 1/19/2017
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I modified the lines of code as suggested and get the print icon and it works; however it is also now showing an 'M' in front of the mail icon.

New line reads preg_match('/<a[^>]*>[^>]*>(.*?)<\/a>/', $text, $matches);

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Any thoughts?