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Posted: 8/11/2016
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A few years ago I messed with artisteer to make themes for my sites. During that time, I tried to create a wordpress.org theme with it. The theme was rejected from wordpress automatically, because they stated that "auto generated themes are not allowed", or something to that effect. How does the newest artisteer create themes? Can it be used to create themes, without flagging itself as "auto generated"? I want to know this, before I bother buying updates and messing with the program again, if at all.


Posted: 8/12/2016
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Even if you fool them that it is not an Artisteer theme, the generated code is not clean, meaning, it's not up to the WordPress Standards. BTW, the same goes with Themler, and TT. Therefore even if you fool them that it is not generated from an "automated" system, the theme will miserably fail the automated theme check. This is the main reason why some plugins refuse to work with Artisteer themes, while they work with the WP default themes. Code quality matters!