How do you like Themler?

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Ian Shere

Posted: 6/18/2016
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EX Themler user. It's horrible. Use CK Template Creator.

Posted: 6/27/2016
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Lately I've found it much faster to hand code wordpress themes using notepad. My experience with Themelr was about as fast as loading a modern word doc on a commodore 64. That's my 8 bits...

Posted: 7/15/2016
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I'll copy my post from Themlers forum.
I'm Artisteer user too. So, I tried Themler for a 4 weeks, so tired to add CSS in different modules and too fixing a bags. It's very slow editor, it really annoying to do work on it, too complicated. Finally I rebuild my joomla template with Notepad ++ and FireFox CSS tools. It takes about 4-5 hours to do so, compare to 4 week in Themler it nothing.
Finally I found Bootstrap 2 patch for Artisteer in Artisteers forum. It works very good.
May be your team can fix the bugs in Artisteer and permanently add bootstrap on Artisteer ? So far it's way better program than Themler.
Plus! Themler software make your web (joomla base) very slow too and interfered into basic joomla code, it's not only template, Themler try to take control over joomla primary code.


Posted: 8/23/2016
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Themler is really great!
Cathy Roberson

Posted: 10/20/2016
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For me, Themler was a shiny object.The program has lots of potential.The latest revision of Themler is very powerful and much easier to use.


No Thanks

Posted: 10/26/2016
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I just tried the latest version of Themler (v.355 Beta).

It's a big improvement over previous versions. Yes. But still slow and I had some crashing issues.

Many of the Billion Themes I imported in were broken even after it said it was updating to the new version. Updating the theme takes forever. Why isn't the updated theme installed at the start?

It's such a shame that the company gave up on Artisteer long ago and before Themler was ready. Won't be renewing my subscription this time.
Roy K Fahey

Posted: 10/31/2016
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Thanks for sharing this info with us.
Guy Shelemy

Posted: 3/4/2017
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:-( Well I loved Artisteer and I thought Themler would be even better. I need documentation to learn software and Artisteer has a great .pdf I printed off at Staples and read front to back. I was expecting the same for Themler, but it NEVER showed up! I asked for documentation, but I guess the development team is as unresponsive as bad code. I'm tired of waiting and Artisteer is one of their dead projects now so I suppose I'll have to take my business elsewhere. Too bad! Poor project leadership!

Posted: 3/29/2017
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I still used artisteer, but with
This is a plugin for Artisteer. It basically makes artisteer awesome again.

Without quicker themes artisteer is dead. I would check out quicker themes.


= = =

Yes me too... its so cool...


Posted: 3/29/2017
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Quote Fred :
This is a plugin for Artisteer. It basically makes artisteer awesome again.

another one? no thanks!

the templateer = dead
wp tux = dead
wp theme city = dead

stop throwing good money after bad. stop beating a dead horse.

beaver builder is killing it! try it and never look back.

Posted: 4/1/2017
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I can't say my experience with Themler was good, really. I decided to co-work with Templatemonster as their products never let me down. I even pre-ordered upcoming X-Cart templates there for my next ecommerce project.
Lol. No.

Posted: 4/12/2017
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:( :( :( :(

Useless. Utterly. Useless. It is baffling how out-of-touch with reality these software producers are to come up with something that is so hopelessly irritating and backwards. Templates do not apply pages. Every update to the website reverts the built in top menu to the initial two buttons "Site Admin" and "Logoff" (what on earth!?!?!), this means spending half the day reverting the menus back to their original menu items. Background pictures get pixelated or have to be tiled about 5 times to fill the page width because the rubbish heap cannot handle picture files bigger than 1MB! Seriously??!?!! This is 2017 for goodness sake!!!!!!!!! I will tell anyone who will listen: Don't waste your time! Use artisteer instead and manually upload the themes.

Ah yes and after all that they have the gall to hard code their own backlinks to the footer in such a way that many people won't work out how to remove them; yet they reply that "they can't make it as simple as just hitting delete". Yeah right. Don't want to is more likely. What is more insulting about this is that they clearly can code, but are just pulling the wool over our eyes.

Goodbye Themler.
Yu Joe Ker

Posted: 4/12/2017
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I don't. I don't like it one bit. :-@

Posted: 4/12/2017
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I think the only time I like it is when I am training, boxing that is. I get such good results when I think about this.

Posted: 4/12/2017
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I just don't have the patience for it. I swear my Commodore 64 (still works!!!) is faster.

Posted: 4/17/2017
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It's really really really bad.

Trying to change the background colour in a section of the default theme.
Click the section you want to change
Click the design tab
Click the background dropdown
Select your background.
Seems easy, right?
Except nothing changes.
Maybe I mis-clicked. Lets try again...
Nope, background selection still shows the colour I chose.
Background of the section is still white.

The whole product follows those simple guidelines. Straighforward interface that doesn't actually DO anything to the template you're working on.

This product is bad, and Artisteer is out of date and being deprecated. This company is over - spend your money elsewhere. Wish I had.

Posted: 6/21/2017
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I exported a Artisteer theme in to it with the Blog posts numbered post 1 and so on so I could keep them in order for when they were out of date.
Contacted support as when I imported all the Blog posts were out of order They had no idea what to do but do them all again.

I don't know what I did but pure luck I fixed it. Only problem is I can't remember how I did it as there is so much. I also code just using Notepad++ and it is by far more user friendly even if you need to know how to code.

I was going to subscribe again and give it a real go trying to learn it but I think I will look around for other software or keep using Artisteer. As if I need a site which is basic and quick I use Artisteerinstead of coding my own.

Posted: 9/3/2017
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I love Artisteer, So I thought I would like this... No... it is slow, it is confusing. it is just plain not useful at all. I have wasted 2 days of trying to figure this garbage out. I am back to just using Artisteer..... Waste of money.

Posted: 9/3/2017
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Looks like Artisteer is about to push a new product. . If you look at the bottom of this page you will see a link.


Posted: 10/12/2017
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Themler is a very bad program!!!

Posted: 10/17/2017
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Themleris HORRIBLE! Buggy! Scripts are not working and it is not editable in WP for anyone who can't HTML or CSS. I MISS ARTISTEEER!


Posted: 12/11/2017
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I like Themler a lot and use it for all my projects, WordPress and Joomla. I worked with Artisteer in the past and loved that too, but working in the cloud has many advantages. The only thing is speed; Themler on a shared hosting environment can be slow. What I do is to create the majority of the template on a fast machine and then export and import it to the website and continue building. Themler is way better with responsive design and building blocks than Artisteer.


Posted: 1/9/2018
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Stop this crap and continue to develop Artisteer. So far I have not seen so much ignorance.

Posted: 6/26/2018
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Alex Lara = Yes I agree and it doesnt appear they really care either? Thats the worst part. i got sick of trying to get answers
I still use artisteer rarely but my favorite and way more options is XARA Software Try that Alex takes a bit to get used to it but when u do its great.

Posted: 6/22/2019
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Just waisted $60 on Themler. Just when I thought I had a handle on its complex interface something would screw up all my efforts, (far too many of these screw ups to list here). Really disappointed that Artisteer is no longer supported.

What do you use as an Artisteer replacement?
Sieglinde Erlach

Posted: 1/20/2021
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What I really don't like about Artisteer is that when some time passes, you can't replace your license and have to buy new! This is really unfair, please do agree.
Cyber Wolf

Posted: 1/21/2021
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With all my respect to Artisteer, I would say that you cannot design a website for your business on that. Some homemade recipes blogs are fine, but you must contact if you want a good and attractive business website. They will do it professionally and search-engines optimized. So just get to the website and fill in the questionnaire.

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