D6 responsive menus require link to "expand"

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Posted: 5/4/2016
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On my desktop, the horizontal menus works as expected. I hover the cursor over a parent menu item (eg Contact), and its sub-menu expands automatically, so I can see "Location" and "Facebook"

On a mobile device, I tap the ☰ hamburger menu button, and it expands as expected. But the "Contact" parent item must be a link which I must tap to expand.

Ideally, I'd like "Contact" to do nothing (ie no link) which just expands when I tap it to show its sub-menu items.

There are workarounds, but they are inelegant.

I can give "Contact" the same link as its first child menu item, but if I want a different sub-menu page, I have to wait for the first page to display, and the click the sub-page I really want.

Any other suggestions?
Ian Tresman

Posted: 11/21/2016
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Easily solved.

1. Select your menu
2. Make sure the Menu tab is selected
3. In the Sunmenu section, click the Options link (bottom right)
4. In the side menu that appears, in the Submenu options, ensure Levels is selected
5. On the Responsive Levels item, select Expand on Click