Themler domain down. Your software won't work.

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Posted: 3/14/2016
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The domain isn't working today. This means I can not edit any themler sites.!!! This is really shocking. You really need to fix your domain name and remove this requirement to login to you to edit MY site.

For risk management it seems I'll have to look at alternatives to Themler if this tie in isn't removed. I can't have my business rely on your domain being up! Also where do you post status updates?

Posted: 3/21/2016
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I do not know why Artisteer left us for such a slow working solution.
Dave B

Posted: 4/6/2016
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Themler is OK, it's slow and yes my sites were down and they just gave me a link to troubleshooting. A day later they all worked again so I wonder what they will say.

Over all Themler is pretty promising. My problem is the bad taste from the Artisteer experience. They don't listen and bugs are sometimes bad.

I just went through a huge problem with my site and the template got hosed and the whole template waFUBAR. I had to find a backup asap to restore it all manually. All because the stupid thing just updated automatically. Why show that idiotic update notification if it's just going to update anyway??? My site was on a CDN and updates fail until I switch that off. So I was sitting there with no backup and a broken theme with no menu and couldn't open it to fix it. I was freaking livid.

I just can't imagine who is running these companies. Why are they the only people who are creating this type of program? Some damn competition would spice things up.