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Posted: 2/20/2016
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How does one style the Select box dropdowns using artisteer?

I notice in artisteer that you can input and style for all Form elements BAR a select box and dropdown with options.

You have to click in artisteer to edit html to add any Select form element, WHY IS THIS NOT IN THE CONTROLS SECTION LIKE THE REST OF THE FORM ELEMENTS ARE? I also notice there is no INSERT FORM option in this software.

All I want is for SELECT >> OPTION dropdowns that I have to manually add after I have done my theme to follow the exact same styling as the artisteer
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input type="text"
how can we do this.

DO NOT SAY USE THEMLER AS IT IS A TOTAL PIECE OF RUBISH and not as easy to use, it's layout is TOTALLY MESSED UP, artisteer is easy to use and THEMLER IS AS HARD AS trying to learn PHP and PDO