Borders on layout cells and rows being removed in responsive

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Posted: 2/14/2016
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Hi all does anyone have a fix for the layout cells and rows having their borders removed when you resize the window I.E when using a responsive design.

I have pages looking exactly how I want them with some nice borders on the layout Cells and Rows but when previewing in a browser the borders are only visible when in fullscreen mode when I alter the width of the browser window the responsive design kicks in and removes half of the borders on the layout Cells and rows.

I want them to look the same on all devices if not it breaks the whole layout and it is not worth using.

Posted: 2/17/2016
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OK I got around this by using the Layout Cells and Rows and then adding Tables inside them to lay my site out just to keep the borders visible when in responsive mode this is not the best way around it as tables should never be used for layout and this is something that Artisteer need to fix big time why have edits for colour and things on Layout Cells and Rows if they are just going to be removed as soon as the finished product is kicked into responsive mode.