Is Artisteer 41. templete safe..?

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Posted: 2/9/2016
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My site joomla 3.4 was recently haceked, host recomende to regenrete new artistter template to 4.3

I wanted to ask fi Artistter 4.1 templates is safe or what can i do to make artistter 4.1 templates safe or must regenerate ne Artistter 4.3 template..?

Is Artisteer 4.3 safer than 4.1..? Or it dosent matter..?


Posted: 3/9/2016
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My site was hacked 2 weeks ago, and my web host suggested that my theme was at fault. I created the theme with Artisteer 4.3 which I had just purchased in January 2016. I don't know who to trust anymore and I don't have an answer for you, just know that there is at least one other Artisteer user who has been hacked. :(

Have a great day
Jens Ole Nielsen

Posted: 5/30/2016
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I have same problem. All my Joomla pages with Artisteer template are hacked and now blocked by google etc .. :-@ :-@ :-@

What to do ??? why do Artisteer not answer to this threat ??
Ian Shere

Posted: 6/18/2016
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I still have a number of sites running Artisteer templates (I've since changed template creators though) and haven't had any issues. Probably, your bigger problem is a lack of server and site security systems.

If you're using $4-5 per month hosting that's bad - their security is usally worth the $4-5 you're paying.

Secondly, what security component (if any) do you have installed? I ALWAYS use, and recommend, Akeeba Admin Tools. You can't stop people trying to hack a site, but you can make it too hard to bother. Admin Tools will block and lock them out.