Responsive Menus not working with Reload or Click

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John Medley

Posted: 1/6/2016
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I have exported an Artisteer skin for DNN to my 7.4 Website. It all looks great however, when I look at the site on my smart phone, the menus don't open with a click (or reload - I have tried both)

Submenu Options >
Levels are set to be multilevel
Responsive Levels are set to 'Expand on Click' (Also tried Expand with Reload)
Responsive Menu Button is set to Use Menu Button.

Export Options > General is set to Responsive Web Design = 'Yes'

So, what am I missing? I have tried all sorts of tweaking but nothing works.

John Medley

Posted: 1/6/2016
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Further to this...

Just found out I can make it work if I remove the disable from the Top Menu item.

However, in DNN fullscreen clicking on the disabled top menu item shows the sub menus. e.g.
State News
National News

In DNN Responsive (smart phone) clicking on the disabled top menu does nothing. If I make it Enabled, it shows the Top Menu Page and the sub menus DO appear - but the Top Menu Page is empty (hence disabled)

The question is, I guess, how do I tell my Artisteer generated skin to allow a click on the Top Menu item to show sub menus for a disabled menu in responsive mode.