One Support/Community Forum for all Extensoft software

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Russ Lukach-Krueger

Posted: 12/12/2015
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This isn't an artisteer feature though I do have a list I would like to see since I use the program quite a bit. There just doesn't seem to be a whole lot of a community here. Themler's boards or q & a has more activity but I don't like that format, maybe as I'm used to add on/plug in for Joomla, e107, Drupal.or forum board like phpbb or SMF. But I still us the software.

Anyways, it would be a cool idea to see an actual support forum and community boards one site all software. Also user account may help keep down on the spam as I have been watching these board before I used the software though had to do some code clean up to make it work the way I wanted. Although, spam will still be a problem with user registration, I know from experience myself.

Bonus::: User will become aware of all the software you guys make. XD