Im not sure what to think of this software...

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Posted: 11/17/2015
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So, someone recommended me this software to use for quick site layouts and quick design and whatnot.

Im a long time web designer and im extremely dissapointed....
core idea is there but its so buggy and glitchy it's not even remotly usable

i got 4.2.0 installed on my Win8x64 desktop.
the only thing that went smoothly was when i open the software and then its all downhill from there.

What i got is cluster of an UI (srsly what) which as soon as i tried to view layout on browser ( the first one on list of new projects, no modifications whatsoever) it crashes the software, dosent matter what browser...

and thats not all, if i try to save it i get another error saying objects are not properly referenced, which is kinda odd because this is new project with all the default files, so your saying you dont even know how to do that? and i should pay 200$ for this software?

So i have completly useless software which gives so many different errors i dont even have time to list them here since i gotta do some actually work.
Mainly it seems to be problem with referencing objects while saving.
and "Cant create dump because reference problems" is the error crashing software when trying to view in browser.

cant save anything, cant view anything in browser, propably more problems but this is where i have to quit

my goal is to create WordPress sites but then again it dosent really matter when i cant get even close to exporting anything

It's a nice idea of software but i think i save more time just using notepad++

sorry for rant but what, this is the WORST 200 dollar piece of software i've ever been tried to sell

Posted: 1/19/2021
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Much obliged for the warning. It's really a bad situation
Neumann Heinrich

Posted: 1/20/2021
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Hello! To be honest, I haven't faced this problem before and I can't help you. But I read this website about different IT things and maybe there is an answer to your question. In my opinion, this is highly possible because they often touch upon problematic things