Top menu item doesn't open on responsive website

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Posted: 10/9/2015
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When the site opens on a mobile phone, only submenu items are linked. When selecting a top item, it doesn't link to the article.

How can I fix this?

I use Joomla 3 and Artiseer 4. Menu level in Artisteer is set to 'More levels'. Joomla moduel menu is set to 'show submenu items'. When I set this to 'not show submenu items', the top menu items work fine.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Posted: 10/9/2015
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I solved the problem. In Artisteer I choose Menu - Levels - Options.
In Levels, select 'more levels'
In Responsive Level, select 'expand and renew'
In Responsive Menu Button, select 'show menu directly'.

On mobile phones now the top items show and will expand on click. Also the correct article appears connecting to the top menu item.

Posted: 12/7/2015
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Well, I have the same problem.

But I made a lot of changes in the artisteer template in css and php files after export. I cant make a new export of artisteer template, because all this changes will be lost.

Where can I change it in the file system? Or I can make a new export of template and replace only files with this problem. But I dont know which files...

Posted: 1/11/2016
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I have the same issue and have set all according the above settings.
But.... unfortunately this is not the solution for me. Still the main menu page is not displayed. :( :(

Anyone any other ideas?

Posted: 1/22/2018
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I have the same problem with all my clients sites. No real answers here. all answers received were not so helpful.

I looked in function.php, script.js, responsive .js in order to change "expand with click" to "expand with reload". Too late to change in artisteer cuz templates are up and working with a whole lot of modifications.

Please can someone help and tell me how to do this? in which file it can be found (i couldnt find it anywhere) what to look for in the file and what to change.

So many people are looking for this answer. Help highly appreciated.