Need an extremely clean, bright and functional theme for a coupons website

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Karthik S

Posted: 10/8/2015
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I need a super clean and bright theme for a coupon site that I'm going to start. I have checked out several themes online and none seem to cut it :(

I need something that is sort of a combination of the two websites below:

Merchant Page:


Merchant Page:

In terms of design, I do love GrabOn's clean look but would like it to be a little brighter with more whitespace like Retailmenot does.


Posted: 10/16/2015
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That's great that you like a design type.

Is there a business connected to your ideas? Many times people start websites without any kind of business organization behind it so they end up with a website that nobody can find online, has no SEO, no real uses, no way of making money, so it just sits online taking up space.

There are thousands of coupon sites online now so competition would be very fierce.What would distinguish this coupon site from all the others? Is there any way for it to generate consistent revenue? How will it be found online in Google searches - has anyone researched the SEO or reviewed your business model?

I know mos people with ideas don't want to hear this type of feedback but I'm just trying to help. :-(

I volunteer for and regularly, almost daily, get e-mails from people wanting to start businesses online and the rate for failure within 3 years is something close to 90 percent or higher. The reason for this is most new business owners don't know to study the competition or put together business plans that account for multiple revenue outlets/streams, or research local and national SEO keywords, develop marketing strategies, know who and when to hire......

Posted: 10/19/2015
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Excellent advice, Dave!