purchase artisteer 3.1 for mac?

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Artisteer Team

Posted: 9/28/2015
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you may consider buying windows version (the license key covers both mac and windows) with a virtual machine like 'parallels'.
Marty buchaus

Posted: 12/16/2015
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Eileen You may consider my left nut to be dry and in need of moistening.. buy the windows version and run a virtual machine. some answer.

Posted: 12/31/2015
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Hey, Marty,

I think if you re-read what Eileen said, you will understand that if you pay for the Winblows version, you can use THE SAME KEY for the Mac Version. That isn't to say you have to run VM to make it work, but how you can get a legal, functioning key.

Although, I can tell you that after years of struggling with slowness & crashes of the Mac version on my machine, I downloaded the windows version to run on my VM. Works a lot better.


Posted: 1/4/2016
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In my case I have installed the Windows version of A-teer on my MacPro with Windows XP Pro installed on a separated hard drive. This is working extreemly well. I definitely recommend this solution. :-)

Posted: 3/7/2016
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Use Crossover instead.