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Posted: 8/5/2015
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Hi all,
I've constructed a simple Fixed Header within artisteer

which works well, apart from three things. Any help with sorting these out would be very welcome:

1: The green Header coloured band disappears when scaling down to 800px and smaller?

2: The menu icon at 800px and smaller moves to the top of the header and does not stay on the right and in the middle of the green band (inline with the logo on the left). Also when you click on it, some of the menu titles disappear underneath the logo - it would be better if they started below the header coloured band?

3: The Content title 'Home' is the correct distance from the header coloured band above 800px, but drops when scaled down!

I'm going around in circle trying to sort it out being a non-coder, so any help would be great!!

If anyone has an actual .artx file they could send me with it actually working would be excellent, as I can see how it should be done!

Thank you very much
Mark :-)