If you are missing lines and borders here's a fix!

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Posted: 4/21/2015
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Hey guys I just thought I would post this since I just found out how to fix it.

I had my template that I created for Wordpress, uploaded it through my FTP client and everything and noticed the borders that were in my template had vanished with my lines. I was like what is going on!:-O I cached the site and kept uploading and wiping the entire site over and over and it did not fix it.

So here is what you do:

1. Go to your word press site
2. click on Editor in the Appearance
3. Open your Artisteer file and look for your Stylesheet
4. Open your Editor and look and compare the two Stylesheets to make sure they are the same.
5. Highlight the entire Stylesheet and delete the one in your Editor
6. Paste the Stylesheet you copied from your file and paste it into the Editor
7. Then save
8. Go to your Flush Cache on Wordpress and POW!!! Fixed...

For some reason the CSS gets I guess constipated and band backed up? But anyways for those frustrated this should help you our with the disappearing borders/ lines and I guess anything missing in your theme.

Good luck / Cam