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Patrick H.

Posted: 2/5/2015
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Hi Artisteer team,

I am a fun of your products for long, unfortunately the cry for One page sites to be created via Artisteer is still pending.

There are great features that you have introduced with your THEMLER projects..can we have those features in Artisteer too.. :( :( :(

I will assist us while creating sites offline....Themler has great features...please transfer them to Artister new versions..I will definately want One page sites and more more more..

Hope my cry will be supported by others.
Joe Di

Posted: 8/18/2015
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+1! I also think that Themler for Windows isn't the right path when you want to create or edit offline right now. So I want to edit it in Artisteer itself or a bundled application that can open and save artx files directly. The former manufacturer Data Becker from Germany distributed a solution for their own cms web to date with a solid interface and a localhost server for testing as optional use. I think it would be the better option without a browser environment from the start. It's too inconvenient for longer editing. So if Themler for Windows will not merged with Artisteer or designed as its plugin the most user will suffer or refuse to use it. For short use it's good but a few more features would be nice.

For emample: There is a function to Fix on Scoll - expand it with Shrink on Scroll and based on device width. So on Desktops the header could be 250px hight and shinks on scolling to 100px and fixes at top while mobile devices show directly 100px x device width.