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erik sevarnaatse

Posted: 2/4/2015
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How to replace artisteers defaulf backqoroud? That you get drupal area to background.. then you can put there content like slideshow or video..

Just found this below, if it come handy.. but solution?

Step 1: define the custom region in your theme's .info file
The .info file for your Drupal 7 theme will be located within the root of the theme's main folder. e.g. MD Minimal's .info theme file is located at: /themes/md_minimal/
Open up your theme's .info file and you should see some regions like this:
regions[highlight] = Highlight
regions[help] = Help
regions[content] = Content
to add a new region just type in a new one in file.
regions[footer_icons] = Footer icons
Print out your new region in page.tpl.php file:
<?php if ($page['footer_icons']): ?>
<div class="footer-icons">
<?php print render($page['footer_icons']); ?>
</div> <!-- /.footer icons -->
<?php endif; ?>
Save file, clear your cache (go to admin/config/development/performance) and you will see the new region.
erik sevarnaatse

Posted: 2/4/2015
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how to remove backkground (color & picture) witch css or editing .info file from trupal template?