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Jürgen Meyer

Posted: 1/18/2015
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i would create a dnn-skin with different conainers.
This is not possible in artisteer.

So i tried this:

- Create Skin with container and export to mySkinA
- Upload to dnn an test -> works

- Change Container Style in Artisteer and Export to mySkinB

- in DNN i set mySkinA-Page as page-skin
- in html-module A i set mySkinA-Block as skin
- in hmtl-module B i set mySkinB-block as skin

This isn't working. Both modules use mySkinA-Block

If i change site-skin to mySkinB-Page ... both hmtl-module us mySkinB-Block.

What can i to use differnt container-skins on same page.
I tried to use differne css-präfix but this also doesn't work

Artisteer ist realy cool .... but dnn-skinning isn't really supported well.
Artisteer get´s lot of new functions but .... it would be nice if dnn-support would better work in next releases.



Posted: 1/29/2015
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Quote Mike:

In the options when you export the skin, change the prefix for the CSS so that it is unique.

I also tried this ... but this don`t solved my problem. If i use another prefix for mySkinB. The container use use this.

But the correspinding css-file is included on page-skin-level ... not on container-level.

So when use mySkinB-block with prefix [skinB] on a page which use mySkinA-Page ... also the css-classes skinB are not available at this time ... because only the css-file form mySkinA is loaded.

Any ideas ?

I could solve this by editing all the output from artisteer bevor i upload the skins to DNN .... but this isn`t why i bought artisteer.




Posted: 1/29/2015
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The problem could be solved when artisteer would create a container.css for the block-container ... but aristeer includes all styles for the block-container in the skin.css.

Editing the skin.css before uploading to dnn is a lot of work (more than 3000 lines) ... and not a really good idea.
After each change in artisteer all the work have to be done again and again and again.

This is very strange ...

Posted: 2/10/2015
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No one out there who can help me ?

No one from artisteer here ??