WP: Need to hide sidebar/s on Custom Homepage

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Santosh B

Posted: 1/11/2015
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Please make it possible to hide the sidebar/s on the custom homepage and also allow the program to adjust the cusotm homepage (only) sheet and the content width while keeping the other pages width unchanged. For example, if the overall sheet width is 1000px, including a 300px sidebar, then when I hide the sidebar, the content containier width of about 1000px would look very bad! So I should be able to set a separate sheet width for the custom homepage, to say 700px wide. At least allow thesidebar on the custom home page to be hidden, while your programmers work on how to manage the container width to be displayed artistically.

Or please let me know what code can I add to hide the sidebar on the custom homepage from WITHIN Artisteer. I beileve that it can be done... some how!

Thanks and warm regards!