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Posted: 12/6/2014
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Hi all,
I've some suggestion to improve Artisteer for html websites use. For me this software should include the following functions:

1) A email link button
2) A "S" (strong) button
3) Delete software name and version from every file (in the output html code)
4) Possibility to create a simple contact form (where only the page that contains it has output in php)
5) Top and vertical menu should have possibility to create menu items with "#" link or external links
6) Some effect on images like rollover
7) Possibility to add a tag "alt" to images (not for background, obviously) inserted in header

With those improvements, Artisteer should be fantastic!

Posted: 12/7/2014
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I like the image roll over suggestion, nice, but I think it may be easier adding CSS. God knows the coding is crazy as it is lol.

I 100% agree with the artisteer being in the code. If this was a free product I would understand, but we pay for this and I do not think this is right what so ever. By making your clients happy you get more upgrades, etc so in the end up make more.