Static pages in Artisteer, custom CSS per page - how to

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Posted: 9/9/2014
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So I have a real simple, 5 page website. It is all created in Artisteer and I want to keep it that way (I don't want to re-write html code after an ftp upload just to satisfy one small change.

The first page I want to look different. Obviously, the 'sheet' style applies to the entire website - and that is where the problem lies. Preferably, I don't want any content on the front page as the background is the hero. The other pages are just informational. Is there a way to hide the 'sheet' or make just the background 100% transparent just for this page?

I have looked at doing it using CSS, but cannot identify just this one page because static website designed in Artisteer do not generate unique DIV ID's. I even looked at using the unique "page title" somehow, but there is no link (that I can find) between using the page title as a driver for CSS styling.

Any ideas from this smart group of people.