How to Change Slideshow Timing

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Posted: 8/31/2014
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Whilst Slideshow Timing seems to come up regularly in the forum...i thought perhaps i would add a workaround that i haven't seen yet to the tips and tricks section (hopefully im not repeating it)

As most already are aware...Slideshow timings can be changed by going to the top menu>slideshow>motion>options and altering speed and delay.


if you are unable to get satisfactory results using the above method, there is another very simple way...

1. export your website (for example to website template)

2. open index.html (or the <your page>.html that the slideshow is on) in an editor such as notepad++

3. in the text editor, do a find/search for the slide names used in your slideshow...this should get you very close to the "slideContainer.slider" section of the document.

(you can find the slide names in question by looking in the images folder in your website)

4. underneath this you will find pause:"" and speed:""

Edit these settings to suite your fancy. Editing the html directly in this way allows for much larger numbers to be entered too as artisteer usually resets speed to max of 1500ms and delay to maximum of 10s

kind regards