Header gadget doesn't move with sheet

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Posted: 8/4/2014
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This is the test site I have things on right now:

I created a blogger template that did not have the header image exported with it. I also have the heading area set to "page width" in artisteer since the image I've made for the header will be bigger than the 1000px width the sheet itself is.

In turn, I removed the "header gadget" in blogger, and added a HTML gadget in the header area and added the image. (The reason for this is because I'll be using an image map on the image to make the stylized social media icons and navigation bar, clickable.) It looks great on my computer- the header image is in line with the sheet, borders match up, everything. But, the moment I size down my browser, or look at it from another computer with a different screen/resolution size, the header image no longer lines up with the rest of the blog.

I believe there is some level of code I need to add or adjust for the gadget itself or the header, but I've tried everything I could think of and haven't been successful. Even with everything I've searched for, the options given don't work for what I'm trying to accomplish. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I'm stumped!