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Posted: 7/21/2014
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Sorry about the previous post. I thought "Title" meant my title in my company so I put "Owner" :-D

My questions:

1) How can I customize the font size in the Header? i.e. size 40
2) How can I customize the height of the Header? Would like to make it 175 px.

Artisteer Team

Posted: 7/22/2014
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Hello Annette,

I duplicate the answers here and delete the other thread.

1. It is possible, to add any custom font size in pixels in File -> Export -> Options -> CSS Options -> Additional CSS. Add a code like this:

.art-headline, .art-headline a, .art-headline a:link, .art-headline a:visited, .art-headline a:hover {
font-size: 40px!important;

2. To change the height for the Header, please go to the Header tab -> Layout -> Height -> More Heights and enter the desired value - 175px.

Posted: 7/22/2014
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Thank you for your help, Antonina.

Posted: 7/25/2014
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Oh, ok - Thanks :(