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Posted: 6/27/2014
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I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to Javascript so any input is helpful. I signed up for a blogger network that features interactive ads that move and expand when scrolled upon. Every so often (about every other page load) the ad will make my blog homepage go blank and there will just be a few ads showing. I'm not sure if I am explaining this correctly so I will insert a photo. I have emailed the network several times and they claim to fix it "on their end" but nothing changes.



Posted: 9/2/2014
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In your ad code look for link inside of it that ends with a .js for example:

Save that link you will need it.

Go to Template-find this line:

var widgetContent = widget.html();

After that line add the follow:

if (widgetContent.indexOf(‘your above link here’) > -1) return true;

Save and now add your ad code into a html widget and save.

If you want to add more similar gadgets, simply copy+paste this string into the template:

if (widgetContent.indexOf(‘your above link here’) > -1) return true;