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Abdullah Adawi

Posted: 4/9/2014
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Hello Artisteer community,
I think it is time for Artisteer to make one big step in developing their software rather than the small steps even though we had to wait for a year to witness the new features.
1- I think you have to start from the support website and include a price list, an announcement block, a tutorial block, your team, how many times has the software been downloaded and bought and many other features. Here is an example page for that :
2- I think it is better to take much care about sliders and their options like effects, colors, backgrounds ... etc, and make them separate from the header to work by itself
3- Users need to have an options page at the admin dashboard to be able to change colors or fonts or even page patterns by one click
4- The post thumbnail should be controlled more effectivly from the software to give the user the ability to change the hight and the width separately and make the corners curved
4- The landing page ( Home page ) should not be affected by the blog page and it should have the advantage of being a landing page.
5- You need to add CSS3 animations to the content .
6- You should pay more attention to the form building and add more fields
7- You should pay more attention to social icons and settings to the social websites such as Facebook and Twitter
8- You may try to add more features to the galleries, photos, videos, music, documents ... etc

I know it's a hard job to do but It will make a priceless software which will make everyone think about buying or re-newing his licence and I believe that it will make a big revolution in designing websites and blogs