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Stupid Me

Posted: 4/3/2014
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I just got Artisteer yesterday. May I suggest letting people export to CMS's in future editions on the trial so they can see what they get to work with?<br> <br>

Navigating the php inside the php that came from other php and tracing it all the way back is insane. This is easy to you guys? I think starting with a blank child theme is easier. At least you know what things are called.<br><br>

I finally got a theme to resemble what I wanted (providing everyone everywhere has a resolution above 1024xwhatever). I can't move the foreground object to the center of the header image because it's linked to the nav. Well the specs for it to retain the relation to it has to be somewhere... right? Sifting through this php is tedious, and some of it doesn't even make sense.<br> <br>

Comments run over the footer image that is not forgiving, but that too get's its relation elsewhere, yet obviously not the posts since it would push it down where it should be. <br> <br>

Comment titles don't exist? Why do we put it in if it doesn't post in the title of a comment... is it to decorate our sidebars? ..One would have assumed I'd have gotten 2 of those right out of the box, registered and all.. Perhaps Artisteer is good for the extremely simple themes, but changing those from wordpress.org is no more difficult than this.

Ironically some of this could have been fixed with the jetpack plugin, but the theme doesn't support over half of the features.<br><br>

This is but a tease, showing me what I wanted to make and pooping out php confetti with tidbits of images and code not even referenced. <br><br>

How about generating notes in the php in the beginning that shows a tree of all the assets on the pages? <br> <br>

Maybe not bloating themes with waste that we never requested when making them?<br> <br>

How about making fluid layouts that are actually fluid?<br> <br>

When I'm done trying and finally admit defeat and go put a theme on my local host, I'm going giggle as I uninstall it and put this program on another computer because I'm giving it to my brother in a few weeks. At least I'll get some amusement out of my $130.