OptimizePresss 2.0 Plugin not compatible with Artisteer

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Posted: 11/25/2013
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I got pretty good at designing themes with Artisteer and made way more than I got invested in it, but I'm very disappointed that OptimizePress 2 does not work with Artisteer.

I even submit a support ticket about a month ago, setup a test site with only the Artisteer, and provided Artisteer Support with the administrator logins so they could try to help me figure out what the issue was.

Unfortunately they have now failed to respond to my attempts at getting this issue resolved. They have always been there for me in the past and I do not understand why I am now being ignored.

Its ok though. I guess they just don't really care.

I guess I'll submit a support ticket with OptimizePress. Maybe they will actually try.

I would like to still hear back from Artisteer support which is why I'm putting this here in the forum and I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find my support ticket given the lack of discussions (or lots of deleted discussions) about OptimizePress here.



Posted: 2/26/2014
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OptimizePress has the solution for this. You guys should talk to them about it.

Quote Kevin:

Nope ticket status still shows "waiting for support"

I have replied several times in the last month to this ticket with no response. Case id 146614 if you want to take a look.

I actually changed the password on the test site because I am now awaiting a response from OptimizePress support hoping that they will help.

I have had a few other support tickets in the past here with Artisteer all of which were handled to my satisfaction but I really just don't understand why there is a lack of response on this.

I don't usually go posting in a public forum about stuff like this but I figured its been so long that I had to do something.




Posted: 7/7/2014
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Good news on this front -
I had the same problem. Couldn't use all the aspects of the Live Editor in OptimizePress. The pencil icon that allows you to edit text wouldn't work for me. So I contacted OP and got helpful support on it.

OptimizePress now has a plugin designed to work with Artisteer. Specifically, it works with OptimizePress 2.
The guy who helped me said OP will work with anyone on this who needs the plugin. Just contact them directly via http://optimizepress.zendesk.com. They will verify you don't have any plugin conflicts and hook you up with their plugin.