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Posted: 9/8/2013
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If you are a professional developer, you will know what I'm saying below. This post it is not meant for you.

Now then, IF you are new to web development and are using software to code your templates, please be advised and forewarned:

All developers release test versions of their software. That's why some of it is free while under development. It helps them track down and eliminate bugs in various working environments on various machines, etc. We, as consumers, are warned of this by a system of software "versions" which is pretty standard within the industry.

Regarding versions of ANY software, the terms ALPHA, BETA, RC (which stands for "Release Candidate") and STABLE have serious and obvious risks involved for those who choose to use them. These versions come in the exact order you see above and generally, most developers follow this release path as they add features, correct and refine their software. You will note there is no "FINAL" version listed. That's because there never will be a final version of anything. Even with a STABLE version, you will have inevitable updates and fixes.

In short, if you use any of the versions listed above, you are taking a gamble on stability and the developer is not liable to you if something goes haywire. If you are faint of heart, lazy or do not have excellent coding skills, wait for the STABLE release version.

Now that you know this, memorize the following and life will be easier for you:

Never, Ever, NO HOW, NO WAY, (and if you forget) NEVER use anything but a "stable release" version of software in a production environment.

If you use anything other than a STABLE version, it is best to:
A) actually understand the code
B) know where to look when you find a bug and finally,
C) know how to fix it yourself if the need arises.

Why? Anything prior to a STABLE release carries a known risk and a long list of bugs that the developers become aware of on a daily basis and it could take a while for them to get to your particular "bug."

I hope this helps some of you who are griping and complaining about the latest release. It clearly states BETA version.

Have a great day and, if need be, re-download Artisteer's latest stable version of software.

Posted: 9/16/2013
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OIC! I'm so "wired" these days with 5 computers, 3 laptops, 2 netbooks, 4 Droids, 3 pods and a couple other gadgets I am always online! Couple that with we are all networked in and synced with my crew. I spend as much time on IT as I do anything else with my family. That's what you get when you live on a farm in the boonies.

I agree that you should have total access to your software. A - d - o - b - e does that to one in the cloud but others don't have the option and if their software is down when you need it "yesterday" (such as last week) you are dead in the water. The storm "Sandy" taught many IT managers a great deal on that one last year.

Thanks for the info and the insights. Have a great day!