Set task manager priority. May help fix slowness, save error, crashes

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Posted: 8/22/2013
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You may or may not know this trick, but I used to do this to speed up photoshop. I don't know why I did not think of this ages ago with artisteer (v3 and v4).

I have tested this trick with v4.1 and v4.2beta and I and finding it really has helped the speed of the program, and just because of that I am not getting as many save errors, crashing, lagging etc. and the 'memory' used stays pretty stable during editing. :)

1. go in to the task manager with Ctrl Alt Del
2. go to processes
3. at the bottom of the window, click 'show processes from all users
4. right click on artisteer.exe
5. go down to set priority, and select the priority you want (fastest is realtime)

(Something else which might help is to run artisteer program as administrator by default. to do this:

6. go down to properties
7. in the new window, select the 'compatibility' tab
8. at the bottom of the window, check the box next to 'run the program as administrator'... and you're done

it may be a different process in other windows versions (mine is win 7).

May help some of you like it helped me.