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Posted: 6/5/2013
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I created a skin in Artisteer 4 for a new site I am doing, the trouble I am having is that I would like to have most of my menu links on the left in a vertical column and a few on the horizontal column.

In Artisteer 4 the skin looks exactly like I want it but when I upload it I get the menu's in the horizontal column as well as where I want it in the vertical coloumn. How would I choose which menu items I want displayed in the horizontal bar and the vertical bar?

Here is a link of my site at the moment:

As you can see there are a lot of menu's.

When I researched it I read you need to add NodeSelector's but I have no clue where to add them?

You help is greatly appreciated!


Posted: 6/12/2013
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This is not something you can do in Artisteer and will need to edit the skin and css files directly to do. The DNN forums have some info on this.