google font and ssl certificate issue

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Posted: 8/24/2013
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I figured this out. Still a mystery where Joomla gets the values for the jdoc head array but I found the file where it is compiled and added code to prevent the google font code from getting written!!

Let me know if you need similar help.

Posted: 11/8/2013
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Can you share the solution ?
I have the same problem



Posted: 11/8/2013
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Cant understand how people find solutions and not share it.

Posted: 11/9/2013
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Yeah thanks Roland, glad you asked the question then figured it out and didn't mention the solution you found.

Posted: 2/25/2018
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so simple a solution - thanks Debra for sharing a solution for us!

Posted: 6/4/2018
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manuel Solution is ok, but i i update temnplate i have to replace some text informations. Better it would be able to set http:// or https:// output for scheme infromation. It should be able inside Artisteer ;-)