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Posted: 4/20/2013
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Hello everyone,

One quick question...i'm sure this has to be a css trick because I couldn't find a way to make in the same menu one item with a standard submenu and another item with megamenu extended.
Please, enlight me!
P.S.: i'm using artisteer 4.1 and joomla 2.5.9.

Posted: 4/20/2013
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Ok, I eventually figured it out how to make it.
All the subitems should go under one submenu for example:
Main menu item
- Submenu

Once you do that, go to the "Submenu" item and make it external URL, you don't have to write anything in the "URL" field, we use it because the separator does not support css styling.
After doing that you write in the "Link CSS Style" field something like normalsubmenu. Click "Save" and go to the template.css file.
At the bottom of your css file write this code:

.art-hmenu .normalsubmenu
display: none;}

And that's all! You now have the possibility to add standard submenu and megamenu in the same template.
Good luck and happy artisteering to everyone!

Posted: 10/7/2013
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That is until you update something, then you have to remember to reapply this fix. Unfortuanatly Artisteer doesn't see value in allowing the user to create alternate module styles and simply save them to a customization folder.