New made menu entry and page do not appear in browser, so made, but non-existent!

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b berg

Posted: 4/17/2013
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New made menu entry and page do not appear in browser, so made, but non-existent!

After finding out that the statcounters the company uses are not compatible with artisteer 3, in a support thread i was lead to version 4.
So when i had to begin from scratch with the website i used home/academy
But also in 4 some weird problems.
Today a new one, new kind of error.

I open the .artx file for the website, add a menu entry (thus page) called 'english'. The site is dutch, but has also english customers in greater Amsterdam area.

Filled the page with text content.
Saved in between, and when finished.
Exported to a local map as website template to same place it came from, exists, you want to overwrite? yes. I do this because the server/website is html, so no templates for joomla/WP etc. here.

But where is the english menu entry? nowhere...
Same goes for i.e.
english.html , it has not been made..
ctrl-f5 in browser('s, Firefox, chrome, ie, safari, comodo, no difference) cleaning all cache/temp maps/directory's, try again, nothing...

I am hairpulling now, 'yelling' like caracter George Costansa from the tv series 'jerry seinfeld' whom is very different then i am in real life.
I allready gave (you asked for it) the ftp logins, so you can re-inact for real...

This latest i have only in a local map, not ftp-ed yet, since for now the minimal site on internet is image wise visable and links finally are clicakable and contains core business info.

So i want to mail it to artisteer, the .artx file, it's file map, the .zip, open and see a menu called english, ctrl-click it, there is the page, and then try to see it for real after opening i.e. home.html, new-page2.html etc....
b berg

Posted: 4/18/2013
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Quote Garry:

I'll suggest you to contact Artisteer support with your website URL and saved .artx file.

I came from there with this (and some other things).
Havn't got anything out of it, support one on one part , so i tried it here.